Annual Reception for Women Professors

Gruppenfoto Professorinnen
Picture by Sabine Biedermann


The Gender Equality Commission and the Office for Gender Equality invite all women professors at the University of Zurich to an informal reception once a year, enabling old acquaintances to meet again and new networks to form and develop. Each year, a topic with specific relevance to the attending scholars is introduced and debated by keynote speakers.

This year's annual reception for Women Professors was held on 27 February 2017. For more information and pictures of the last reception as well as its history please visit our German website: Professorinnen-Apéro.

Reception in 2018

The next Annual Reception for Women Professors will take place on Monday, 19 March 2018, 4-7 pm. For more information please visit our German website: Professorinnen-Apéro.