Writing a successful ERC grant proposal (has taken place)


In this webinar programme for ERC Starting and Consolidator applicants we will discuss the ERC objectives, structure, gender aspects and how panels assess to what extent the proposed research is the best written proposal in your life time and containing high quality research.

The ERC selection criteria applied by the panels use terms which have become familiar jargon, such as important challenge, groundbreaking, scientific approach and feasibility. Most of these terms are also used by other funding agencies but they are interpreted and applied differently. This webinar will explain in detail not only what these terms mean and imply under the ERC umbrella but also how the ERC panel members use these terms to discuss, assess and select project proposals.

This webinar will supply you with the necessary knowledge to write a successful ERC proposal and will be an invaluable aid in meeting the ERC standards and getting one step closer to an ERC grant award.

Using the ERC guide “Instructions for applicants” we will explain how you can address the ERC selection criteria and the panel specifics and draft a competitive project proposal.

We will discuss what defines high quality research and how can the ERC evaluation criteria be used to translate your project idea into high quality research. We will explain in detail how to address the evaluation criteria and in particular innovativeness and feasibility in view of the panel specific, research fields and gender aspects.


The objective is to provide researchers with a good understanding of:

  1. the evaluation criteria and how to analyse them
  2. how to write a competitive scientific proposal considering panel specifics and type of project
  3. what makes an excellent PI according to the reviewers of the different domains/panels

Target group (max. 25 participants) and methodology

The webinar will be of value for female UZH applicants/ postdocs who want to submit an ERC proposal. Depending on the scientific backgrounds of the participants we will highlight domain specific issues.

The webinar language is English (no translation). It's interactive and includes moments for discussions to promote an exchange of views between participants and trainer. Each participant receives an extensive guide with the information on the topics listed above.


Dr. Mette Skraastad, founding partner of Yellow Research has extensive experience in running ERC workshops/ webinars and in pre-submission review of ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Synergy grants.

At Yellow Research they have successfully trained candidates for writing ERC proposals since the 2008 call. Her knowledge and experience in pre-submission review of ERC proposals is an important aspect of our success in this training.

Date, time and location (Zoom)

Friday, 15 January 2021, 9 am - 3 pm (lunch break from 11am – 1pm)

Monday, 01 February 2021, 9 am – 11 am

Webinar's Zoom link will be provided upon registration



CHF 100.00