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Kick-off - H.I.T. Program 2021-22

The first round of the new H.I.T. Program has successfully started with a Kick-off event organized at the University of Lucerne.


The Kick-off began with a brief presentation of the agenda by the program management team, followed by an icebreaker session moderated by Dr. Sarah Shephard.

The participants, twenty-five female associate and full professors from all Swiss universities, had the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange about their career goals and motivation to participate in the program.

The afternoon session was open by Professor Markus Ries, Deputy Rector and Vice Rector for University Development, on behalf of the host institution, University of Lucerne.

In a motivational workshop, Professor Heather Hofmeister, Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Social Science, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, shared her knowledge and gave tips to the participants on how to make the most of their exceptional status as women in academic leadership.

It was great to meet on this occasion the H.I.T. Program Alumna, Professor Gisela Michel, Health and Social Behavior, Director MSc Health Sciences, who is also member of the Equal Opportunity Committee at the University of Lucerne.

Many thanks to Pia Ammann, Head Equal Opportunity at the University of Lucerne, member of the H.I.T. Program selection committee.

For information about the program please see the project website.

Mihaela Falub

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