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Gleichstellung und Diversität

HI-FRAME: Three Project Updates

HI-FRAME is an innovative project that promotes Open Science culture change at UZH and, in this regard, contributes to the implementation of the UZH Open Science Policy.

Celebrating DORA10 in Switzerland

A DORAat10 Local Event Report


UK Research & Innovation launches resource website for anrrative CVs

A project that Mihaela Falub and Karin Gilland Lutz (both UZH) have supported through Hi-Frame

Fragenkatalog für Berufungsverfahren / Catalogue of Questions for use in academic hiring processes

Dieser Fragenkatalog wurde im Rahmen des Projekts HI-FRAME entwickelt.

Berufungsverfahren und Open Science: Fragenkatalog (PDF, 399 KB)


This document was developed as part of the project HI-FRAME.

Professorial hiring and Open Science: a catalogue of questions (PDF, 396 KB)