Aktionsplan 2017–20: Netzwerk

Informelle Treffen / Informal meetings

Informelle Treffen

Die Abteilung Gleichstellung und Diversität organisiert informelle Treffen zu Themen rund um den Aktionsplan für die interessierte UZH-Öffentlichkeit. Die Treffen dienen dem Austausch und der Vernetzung zum Aktionsplan und zur Gleichstellung an der UZH.

Informal meetings

The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity organizes informal meetings for UZH staff and students about the action plan and its progress. The aim of the meetings is to foster and further the UZH conversation on gender equality by bringing together people from different UZH units. The presentations will usually be held in German, but members of the audience can ask questions etc. in English.

4th networking meeting on 6 February 2020: The DORA declaration & gender equality

This event will be held in English

4 pm: Welcome address

Prof. Michael Schaepman, Vice President Research UZH


The DORA declaration & gender equality: tackling bias in research

Prof. Stephen Curry, Imperial College & Chair of the DORA Steering Committee

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) is a campaigning initiative to improve the ways that we evaluate research and researchers. It aims particularly to call out the problematic nature of the over-reliance on aggregate metrics such as the journal impact factor in assessment processes. Such metrics have enduring appeal because they appear to offer the simplicity and objectivity of numerical analyses.

However, we need to be mindful of the subjective nature of decisions that lead to citation counts – the raw material of many performance metrics – and the biases that perturb them. This has clear implications for gender equality in academia. Equally, if we are to move to more qualitative and holistic forms of evaluation, we must take steps to ensure that these are as impartial as humanly possible.


6 pm: Reception at Lichthof RAA

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