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Gleichstellung und Diversität

Steering Committee

Committee Members

The Steering Committee consists of four representatives of the 12 Swiss cantonal and federal universities.

Two members of the Project Management team will attend the Steering Committee meetings. They coordinate the committee’s meeting schedule and support their work, report on the progress and integrate their advice into the running process.

Helene Füger

Gender Delegate, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Nicole Kälin

Head of Diversity, University of Basel

Dr. Christiane Löwe

Head of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity, University of Zurich

Brigitte Mantilleri

Head of Equal Opportunity, University of Geneva

Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert

Gender Delegate, ETH Zurich

Committee Tasks

The Steering Committee is dedicated to the issues of diversity and equality, and has strong leadership capabilities. The Steering Committee will provide advice and ensure delivery of the project outputs including achievement of project outcomes.

The committee members’ responsibilities

• Developing and approving an organizational structure that will sustain the project, and reviewing the program goals and objectives, work program, activity schedule, etc.

• Providing input on the development of the project, including the evaluation strategy

• Developing a reward/recognition program to recognize committee members

• Providing advice on the program budget

• Defining and helping to achieve the project outcomes

• Identifying the priorities in the project

• Monitoring program issues

• Monitoring timelines to track program schedule

• Monitoring the quality of the project as it develops through participants’ evaluation

• Providing advice and making decisions about changes to the project as it develops