Pool of Experts, IBH Gender and Diversity Working Group

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

All member institutions of IBH (International Association of Lake Constance Universities) have access to a pool of experts for the purposes of exchanging knowledge and experience and for implementing the “Recommendations for achieving gender equality and diversity in the development of higher education institutions” (in German). The pool of experts was initiated by the IBH gender and diversity working group. It is available exclusively to members of the IBH network.

Who Is Represented in the Pool of Experts?

The pool comprises experts on a variety of topics ranging from gender equality and diversity in teaching and learning, to work-life balance, social inequality and migration, as well as quality management and university development. You can search for experts, speakers, trainers and discussion partners based on area of expertise and topic of interest.

Access to the Database

Member institutions of IBH have direct access to the database.

As an individual, there are two ways to access the information:

  • If you are a member of the UZH community or another IBH institution, you can apply for personal access: Request access
  • Alternatively, we can undertake the search on your behalf. In this case, you do not need personal access to the database. If you would like our assistance, please contact Dr. Christiane Löwe at the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity christiane.loewe@gleichstellung.uzh.ch. She is responsible for matters pertaining to IBH’s gender and diversity working group.