Gender Equality Commission

For more detailed Information please visit our German website: Gleichstellungskommission

The Gender Equality Commission addresses all aspects of gender equality at the University of Zurich.

Established in 1991, the Gender Equality Commission is an academic commission which meets four times per year (February, May, September, November). Its President, Prof. Dr. Tatiana Crivelli Speciale, is a member of the Extended Executive Board of the University. The Office for Gender Equality coordinates the Gender Equality Commission.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Gender Equality Commission is active in the following ways:

  • advisor to the Executive Board and the Extended Executive Board of the University regarding the implementation of the Gender Policy Code of Conduct
  • development of strategic considerations regarding the advancement of gender equality at UZH
  • formulation of measures to achieve proportionality in the representation of women and men at UZH
  • support and encouragement for gender equality projects
  • project evaluations
  • events on topics relating to gender equality at UZH
  • hearings with the Executive Board and the Extended Executive Board of the University on gender and equality issues
  • members of the Gender Equality Commission connect the Commission with their respective faculties and other bodies, and convey information about the Commission’s decisions and activities throughout the University of Zurich