Equal Opportunities

Gender Equality: Gender Policy Code of Conduct

The University of Zurich (UZH) supports the promotion and implementation of genuine gender equality and aims to achieve a balanced representation of women and men at all levels and in all functions. The equality goals of the UZH are laid down in the University Act, the University of Zurich Mission Statement, and the Gender Policy Code of Conduct. Also, through its membership of LERU, the University of Zurich actively contributes to the continued advancement of gender equality in European policy on research, innovation and science.

The Gender Policy Code of Conduct comprises the seven basic principles of the gender equality policy of the UZH, which stand for a vibrant and active culture of equality. The Code of Conduct applies to all staff and students at the UZH. UZH moreover has a set of regulations to protect all its staff and students against sexual harassment, and a guideline to gender-sensitive as well as precise and elegant language usage.

The Executive Board of the University of Zurich supports the faculties in their activites and efforts to achieve gender equality, and it is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of all structures and institutions with a bearing on gender equality at UZH. UZH’s Gender Equality Action Plan describes the main equality-related projects and priorities.

Diversity Policy: Promoting Diversity and Preventing Discrimination

The University of Zurich is actively committed to promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. As a public institution with a social responsibility, the University of Zurich does not tolerate discrimination or exclusion of individual persons or groups based on prejudiced stereotypes.

In recent years, numerous measures have been developed and implemented at UZH that address various aspects of diversity. These aim to raise awareness of the legal provisions on anti-discrimination and inclusion and to further improve the implementation of such provisions.

With its new Diversity Policy: Promoting, Practicing and Benefiting from Diversity (PDF, 442 KB), UZH has implemented a new management tool that signals its commitment to diversity as a core value. In so doing, the University of Zurich aims to foster a diversity-friendly and inclusive environment in research, teaching and studies as well as in the organization of its academic units and administrative bodies.