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Gender Equality and Diversity Gender Equality Commission


Temporary workspaces for junior researchers

As part of UZH’sGender Policy Code of Conduct (PDF, 216 KB) the Gender Equality Commission is making several workspaces available to junior academics at UZH to write up their academic research. The seven workspaces are located at Seilergraben 55 in Zurich (near Central).

Flyer Temporary Workspaces

Flyer Temporary Workspaces (PDF, 262 KB)


The workspaces contribute to the implementation of the Gender Policy Code of Conduct, which states that the University of Zurich is committed to equal development opportunities for all genders and strives for a balanced representation of all genders in university functions and committees


Applications are open to junior researchers who are enrolled or employed at UZH and need a place to work in order to write up their academic research. Applications are open to individuals whose gender is underrepresented in their field or at the next career level, or who are unable to work at home due to childcare obligations.

Positions are awarded for a maximum of 12 months, with the possibility of an extension for an additional year.

To apply for a position, use this application form (DOCX, 55 KB). The application must include a strong statement of why the position is needed and how the application relates to the goals of the Gender Policy Code of Conduct. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

The Gender Equality Commission will make the award decision. The documents must be submitted to the General Manager of the Gender Equality Commission.