The University of Zurich’s Gender Equality Commission (GLK) supports the career advancement of emerging academics with the goal of achieving a balanced representation of women and men at all levels and in all functions. For this purpose, the GLK provides support, in addition to the existing funding programs at UZH and other institutions such as the Swiss National Science Foundation, in the form of financial contributions and temporary workspaces.

Temporary Workspaces of the GEC

As part of UZH’s Gender Policy Code of Conduct (PDF, 267 KB), the Gender Equality Commission is making several workspaces available to junior academics at UZH to write up their academic research.


The workspaces for writing up academic research are provided for the specific purpose of promoting junior academics at UZH. In the mid to long term, UZH aims to achieve a balanced representation of the sexes across all university positions and bodies.


Members of the UZH community at the level of PhD or above and UZH staff working on a project dedicated to gender equality are eligible to apply. Applicants may apply for (part or full-time) use of workspaces for a period of up to 12 months; extensions for a further year are possible. In exceptional cases, short-term use of office space (with a laptop) is possible.

Applications must include a clear statement of grounds detailing why the workspace is required and how the work is relevant to developing an academic career.

Open Deadline

Places are awarded by decision of the Gender Equality Commission. Application documents are to be submitted to the General Manager of the Gender Equality Commission.

Funding & Grants of the GEC

The University of Zurich’s Gender Equality Commission supports the career advancement of emerging women academics as part of the aim to achieve a balanced representation of women and men on all levels an in all functions. According to the Commission’s funding regulations, applications for the following types of costs may be submitted:

  • printing costs
  • conference participation
  • childminding costs (temporary)

Application Criteria

  • academics at the University of Zurich up to and including the level of adjunkt professor (Privatdozent/-in) may apply
  • materials to be printed must concern gender equality
  • a financial contribution to conference participation is only possible when no other means can be found (such as the applicant’s institute)

Funding Regulations (PDF, 121 KB)

UZH Funding Opportunities of the UZH

Doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers have various options open to them for research funding and financial support. We provide links to a few of these possibilities below.  

UZH Research Funding 

An overview of national and international research funding for researchers at UZH and ETH Zurich can be found here: Link

Academic Career Development in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF) offers support for its doctoral candidates through its Graduate School. In addition, doctoral candidates can access the general financial support provided by the PhF, from which students and staff can also benefit. If you are teaching at the PhF, the funding opportunities for digital teaching and research may be especially of interest.


Graduate Campus

Graduate Campus

If you are pursuing doctoral studies at UZH and would like to launch an interdisciplinary project in order to network with PhD candidates from other faculties, you can apply for funding for self-initiated projects through the Graduate Campus: Link


UZH Open Access & Open Data

open data open access

You can find information on funding for publishing and Open Access/Open Science at UZH here: Link


Sources of Information at UZH

To help you find your feet during the various phases of academic life and personal life, the University of Zurich provides access to a range of useful resources. A few of them are listed below.

General Orientation for PhD Candidates at UZH

Doktorierende UZH

You can find an overview of general information and advisory services aimed at doctoral candidates at the different faculties here: Link

Families at UZH 

Familie und Beruf

You can find resources and advice for combining family and professional life on the UZH family website: Link

Funding Opportunities from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

The SNSF aims to foster gender equality in its research funding, through a range of measures. It offers various funding instruments with this aim in mind.

Further information on the funding measures of the SNSF