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Gender Equality and Diversity

Equal Pay Analysis at the University of Zurich

UZH Equal Pay Analysis 2023

The Swiss Federal Act on Gender Equality states that men and women are entitled to equal pay for the same work.

UZH regularly measures the pay differences between men and women employed at the university.

UZH’s equal pay analysis for 2023 revealed a satisfactory result for the fourth time in a row: under equal conditions the gender gap in pay remains at 1.4 percent. This result is well below the government’s tolerance threshold of a maximum of 5 percent. Overall, men and women are equally paid at UZH.

Human Resources has carried out four equal pay analyses at UZH so far, in 2014, 2016, 2020 and – most recently – with data from August 2023. All four analyses were carried out using Logib, the Swiss government’s tool for analyzing equal pay.

The existing cantonal system of pay categories with its function-related classification, irrespective of gender, continues to prove its worth. In addition, there are also clear, binding classification guidelines for certain academic and junior academic positions.

According to article 13a of the Gender Equality Act, since July 2020 companies or institutions with more than 100 employees – which applies to UZH – have been obliged to carry out internal equal pay analyses. As the analysis in 2020 found that men and women were paid equal salaries at UZH, with any unexplained discrepancies falling below the government’s statistical tolerance threshold of maximum 5 percent, UZH is actually not obliged to carry out further analyses. The Executive Board of the University nevertheless decided to voluntarily carry out another analysis in 2023, as the topic is very important to UZH. The analysis was audited by the independent accounting firm BDO AG.

We have published the audit report (in German): UZH Lohngleichheitsanalyse 2023 Revisionsbericht (PDF, 990 KB).

Outlook / Contact

For questions about the report, please get in touch with Karin Bertschinger, Leader Human Resources Department:

The equal pay analysis will be repeated on a regular basis in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board of the University; the next analysis will take place in three years.

UZH is very aware of the issue of ensuring equal pay and regularly reviews its employees’ pay classifications; in case of questions, please contact the HR Business Partners in the Human Resources Department.

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Dr. Karin Bertschinger

Leader Human Resources Department