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Gender Equality and Diversity

Project II: Research Funding

Research Funding and Academic Careers

A significant aspect in building an academic career today is the ability of junior researchers to raise their own research funding. This assumes particular significance in the case of generous and prestigious funding instruments which often have a decisive influence on the recipient’s further academic career.

Junior researchers at the University of Zurich are generally successful at acquiring third party funding. However, in the case of most funding instruments, differences between men and women exist in terms of application behavior and success rates. Not only do women place fewer applications in comparison to their male colleagues but they are also granted research funding less often than men.

Project Aims

This project addresses the subject of research funding and academic careers. With this project, the University of Zurich aims to systematically identify and take advantage of its possibilities as a potential host institution for external research funding to ensure that female junior researchers in particular do not experience unintended bias.

More female junior researchers are to be encouraged to compile research funding applications and to submit them to the corresponding bodies at institutional, national and European level. In addition, the success rates of applications submitted by female junior researchers are to be raised.

  • Aim 1: To increase the number of applications submitted by female junior researchers (UZH, SNF, EU)
  • Aim 2: To increase approval rates of applications submitted by female junior researchers with UZH as the host institution

Approach and Levels of Action

The project follows a multi-level approach consisting of three different levels of action within the application and grant system:

  • Personal/individual level
  • Institutional/structural level
  • Research level

The following steps are to be taken, among others: Workshops and training sessions for female junior scientists shall be held, the selection and nomination process systematized, awareness of implicit bias raised among decision-making bodies, and more advisory services provided.

Project Management and Governing Body

Project Management

  • Dr. Mihaela Falub

Governing Body

  • Dr. Beatrice Scherrer (UZH Grants Office, Research Development)
  • Sibylle Hodel, lic. phil. (EU GrantsAccess)

Measures and Activities

Further information can be found under Massnahmen und Aktivitäten (in German)

Weiterführende Informationen


Dr. Mihaela Falub

Project Manager

Office for Gender Equality and Diversity


Phone: +41 44 634 40 76