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Gender Equality and Diversity

Hedi Fritz-Niggli Visiting Professorship 2014-18

Hedi Fritz-Niggli Visiting Professorship

The University of Zurich’s Code of Conduct Gender Policy confirms the University’s commitment to the balanced representation of women and men in all functions and bodies and attaches specific importance to increasing the proportion of women professors at UZH. In order to heighten the visibility of women professors as role models for junior women academics, the University of Zurich introduced the Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professorship to attract high-profile women professors as visitors at UZH from other universities world-wide.

What was the Hedi Fritz-Niggli Visiting Professorship?

Each Faculty could select and invite a Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professor during 2014–2017, in accordance with standard procedures at UZH. The Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professors could spend one semester each at UZH and were part of a framework program that was determined jointly by the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity, the Gender Equaltiy Commission, the Faculty and the visiting professor. The program usually consisted of a public lecture and additional academic events at the hosting institute. The visiting professors were presented at the annual Dies academicus.

Prof. Dr. Hedi Fritz-Niggli (1921–2005)

Prof. Hedi Fritz-Niggli (1921–2005) was a radiation biologist and the first woman to become a full professor at the Faculty of Medicine at UZH. She built up her discipline in Switzerland and was the first woman member of the Swiss Science and Technology Council (1969–1978). In 1981 Prof. Fritz- Niggli became an honorary member of the Swiss Society of Radiology for her brilliant achievements. In 1992 she was honored with the Hanns Langendorff Medal.

Porträt von Hedi Fritz-Niggli

Prof. Dr. Hedi Fritz-Niggli (1921–2005)

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