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Gleichstellung und Diversität

H.I.T. Program 2019-20

H.I.T. - High Potential University Leaders Identity & Skills Training Program - Gender Sensitive Leaders in Academia (2019-20)

“H.I.T. - High Potential University Leaders Identity & Skills Training Program - Gender Sensitive Leaders in Academia” was launched as part of swissuniversities programme P-7 Equal opportunity and university development 2017-2020.

Projects within Module B foster collaborations between different types of higher education institutions.

All ten cantonal universities and the two federal technical universities of Switzerland are partners within the H.I.T. project. This concept of collaboration encourages innovative forms of networking and knowledge transfer between higher education institutions as well as strengthening the networks and empowerment of the program participants.


The H.I.T. program

  • is designed as an exclusive, nationwide training program for excellent female professors
  • provides extensive networking conditions throughout Switzerland
  • includes 20 participants

Participants gain

  • specific skills in academic leadership
  • expert knowledge about the Swiss higher education system
  • expertise in innovative, diversity-aware leadership

The University of Zurich as leading house will draw from area-specific UZH expertise, such as the internal collaboration with CHESS. Moreover, H.I.T. will benefit from key players’ knowledge of higher education institutions all over Switzerland.


The activities of the H.I.T. Program started in September 2019.

Kick-off Event: Program Successfully Launched

H.I.T. program participants

The Program was successfully launched on 4 September 2019 at the University of Zurich: Kick-off Event (4 September 2019)

Several Workshops

Several workshops led by internationally well-known experts in leadership and diversity in academia are organized from October 2019 to February 2020 at several locations in Switzerland.

We will invite special guests – female leaders from universities, federal agencies and bodies responsible for higher education and research policies – to each event in order to enable them to discuss current issues in higher education in Switzerland.

Our distinguished guests will give practical advice and share scenarios from their own careers to inspire the participants.

Closing Event

The closing event, including certificate award ceremony, will took place online.

Application for the program is closed

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H.I.T. Program 2019-20