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Gleichstellung und Diversität

Project Aims and Objectives

Initial Situation

In Switzerland, we face a lack of women leaders in universities (e.g. heads of departments, deans and presidents). In 2016, only 17.5% of higher education institution heads in Switzerland were women, a number even below the European Union average (20.1%).

Project Aims

“H.I.T - High Potential University Leaders Identity & Skills Training Program - Gender Sensitive Leaders in Academia” aims to offer an innovative, evidence-based and exclusive leadership program to specifically train and empower female professors in Switzerland to become university leaders (e.g. deans and presidents).

Through partnership with the other Swiss cantonal and federal universities, we aim to train 20 outstanding female professors (such as associate and full professors) in the necessary skills to facilitate their ascent to university leadership roles with an exclusive program tailor-made for Switzerland’s needs.

H.I.T. program participants will gain knowledge and skills, new connections and networks, and ultimately be prepared for academic leadership positions. In addition, each higher education institution will also benefit from individually developed, concrete measures to reduce bias and discrimination and improve equality and meritocracy in Swiss universities.