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Gender Equality and Diversity

Equal Opportunity in Junior Research Positions

Gender Equality and Development Opportunities

The University of Zurich is committed to fostering equal opportunity for women and men in actual practice. Achieving gender equality in junior research positions is an important step in this direction. The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity and the Gender Equality Commission offer support in the following matters:

Gender Representation across Academic Levels

At UZH, there ratio of men to women is equal up to and including the doctoral level. Thereafter, however, the percentage of women decreases with each further level of qualification. This disparity, often referred to as the “leaky pipeline” effect, differs in severity across the faculties.


Porträt Suslowa

By awarding an annual Suslowa Postdoc Fellowship, UZH enables a postdoctoral researcher to return to an academic career after interrupting or delaying research work for family reasons.

Suslowa Postdoc Fellowship (Website: UZH for Researchers and Junior Scholars)


The University of Zurich is a partner in the CONNECT project to support female junior researchers working in STEM subjects. The joint project is part of a swissuniversities program entitled P-7 Equal Opportunities and University Development 2017–2020.

CONNECT - Connecting Women's Careers in Academia and Industry

More information

For more comprehensive information please got to Geschlechtergerechte Nachwuchsförderung (in German).

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Tanja Neve-Seyfarth

Project Manager: Academic Career Development / Life Balance / LGBTIQ

Office for Gender Equality and Diversity


Phone +41 44 634 22 19



feminno offers career development in Life Sciences for women scientists interested in the science-innovation interface.