Protection against Sexual Harassment

UZH Regulations on Protection against Sexual Harassment

The University of Zurich has a set of regulations to protect its members against sexual harassment. It is founded on a basic premise: All members of the University treat each other with respect. This, however, does not mean that human interaction at the University should be distanced, purely professional and formal. On the contrary, the aim is for both genders to interact in a friendly and relaxed way. Nonetheless, the regulations clearly state that sexual harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Contact Persons for Affected Parties

A first contact person for those affected by sexual harassment is Dr. Christiane Löwe, head of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity. The exact wording of the regulations as well as advice and names of further contact persons are available on the Protection against Sexual Harassment website.
Please note that the office mentioned in the regulations, the UniFrauenstelle - Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann, is the former name of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity.