Diversity Policy

Diversity Policy: Promoting, Practicing, and Benefiting from Diversity

With its Diversity Policy: Promoting, Practicing, and Benefiting from Diversity (PDF, 442 KB), UZH has implemented a new management tool that signals its commitment to diversity as a core value. In so doing, the University of Zurich aims to foster a diversity-friendly and inclusive environment in research, teaching and studies as well as in the organization of its academic units and administrative bodies.

The „Diversity Policy – Promoting, Practicing, and Benefiting from Diversity“ was enacted by the Executive Board of the University on 13 March 2018 and officially came into effect on 1 September 2018.

The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity provides advice and assistance for departments, institutes and faculties regarding the implementation of the diversity policy.

Consulting Services: Implementing the Diversity Policy

Why Diversity Is Key at UZH

The University of Zurich is committed to maintaining its position among the best research and educational institutions worldwide. UZH believes that this can only be achieved by fostering an environment in which students and employees can continually develop both professionally and personally.

Members of the UZH community bring a diverse range of specialist and personal skills and experiences to their working and study environment. As an educational institution and modern employer, UZH wishes to benefit from this potential in order to provide highly attractive study and working conditions and to better meet the needs of its community.

Strengthening UZH’s position as a leading university worldwide requires outstanding learning, research and working outcomes. These results can only be achieved in an environment in which the value of each person is recognized and respected.

Promoting Diversity and Preventing Discrimination

The University of Zurich is actively committed to promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. As a public institution with a social responsibility, the University of Zurich does not tolerate discrimination or exclusion of individual persons or groups based on prejudiced stereotypes.

In recent years, numerous measures have been developed and implemented at UZH that address various aspects of diversity. These aim to raise awareness of the legal provisions on anti-discrimination and inclusion and to further improve the implementation of such provisions.

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