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Gender Equality and Diversity

Consulting Services: Implementing the Diversity Policy

Implementation Plan, UZH Diversity Policy

In its Diversity Policy: Promoting, Practicing and Benefiting from Diversity (PDF, 442 KB), the University has anchored diversity as a collective responsibility that applies to all UZH units and all members of the UZH community. This means that every faculty, every department and institute, and every office can positively contribute to implementing the Diversity Policy.

In its decision of 13 August 2019 (ULB 2019-350), the Executive Board of the University approved the Implementation Plan for the UZH Diversity Policy (PDF, 168 KB), which was prepared by the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity and the Diversity Policy Steering Group.

Process Consulting for Implementing the Diversity Policy

To help UZH implement the Diversity Policy, the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity has launched a process consulting service for departments/institutes, offices and faculties.

Through this service, we help you develop ideas on how to implement the Diversity Policy in your unit, provide useful suggestions (such as examples of good practice), and share our experience in addressing any road blocks or resistance that may arise.

Would you like to know more about the Diversity Policy and how it is implemented?

A great starting point is to visit our UZH Diversity Policy website, which provides information on events and links to key documents.

Do you want to actively promote diversity within UZH? Or develop a diversity strategy for your department? Or organize a team event on the topic of diversity?

Contact us today. We can:

  • Organize relevant information material
  • Visit your offices to provide inputs
  • Find and recommend external speakers
  • Develop and provide a diversity awareness training that addresses your specific needs

We want to help you anchor diversity and inclusion in your processes and, in so doing, promote a modern approach to organizational development.

This is most successful when diversity considerations are taken into account from the outset.

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