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Gleichstellung und Diversität

Writing a Successful ERC Grant Proposal, H2020 ERC 2020 call (April to June 2019)

Workshops led by Dr. Mette Skraastad, Yellow Research

In the frame of the Gender Equality Action Plan 2017–20, Project II, Research Funding and Academic Careers we have organised three workshops for potential ERC female applicants from the University of Zurich on 12 April, 30 April and 7 June 2019.

All courses were fully booked.

Target Group

For female postdocs and scientists from the University of Zurich, potential ERC applicants


In this workshop we will discuss the ERC and panel specifics for the scientific proposal and Principal Investigator but also gender aspects.

The ERC selection criteria applied by the panels use terms which have become familiar jargon, such as important challenge, novel concept, scientific approach and feasibility. Most of these terms are also used by other funding agencies but they are interpreted and applied differently.

This workshop will explain in detail not only what these terms mean and imply under the ERC umbrella, but also how the ERC panel members use these terms to discuss, assess and select project proposals.

This process differs from panel to panel, for example important challenges and feasibility of the scientific approach is assessed differently in social sciences from life sciences. Development of a new methodology has a different meaning in social sciences from physics. What does this imply?

Furthermore, we will discuss the gender aspects. How to present yourself and how to word your ambitions, placing you as the obvious Principal Investigator?

This workshop will supply you with the necessary knowledge to write a successful ERC proposal and will be an invaluable aid in meeting the ERC standards and getting one step closer to obtaining an ERC grant.

We will explain in detail how you to address the evaluation criteria and in particular innovativeness and feasibility in view of the panel specifics and research fields, but also how to present a strong proposal.


The trainer is Ms. Dr. Mette Skraastad from Yellow Research, who has more than 10 years’ experience with running ERC workshops and preparing candidates.

Further information

Flyer (PDF, 211 KB)